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Gaddafi Gaddafi's Capture

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Gaddafi Revealed: Muammar

Gaddafi Revealed: Muammar

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Revealed: Muammar Gaddafi's dirty, secret sexual encounters with women

One of those Cojean interviewed, a woman named Soraya, claimed that Gaddafi kept her imprisoned in a basement for six years, where he repeatedly raped her, urinated on her, and forced her to watch pornography, drink alcohol, and snort cocaine.

  • He was a wealthy man who let nothing stand in his way.

  • What if it changes again? Khaddafi had long supported the Amin government, including supplying to prop up his ailing regime.

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They purged monarchists and members of Idris' clan from Libya's political world and armed forces; Gaddafi believed this elite were opposed to the will of the Libyan people and had to be expunged.

  • Until 2011, that is, when an air campaign and the winds of change from the Arab Spring came blowing through, and he would meet his well-deserved fate in his birthplace of Sirte, Libya.

  • In 1975, Gaddafi's government declared a on foreign trade.