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Chloride silver Silver chloride

Chloride silver Silver chloride

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Now in what condition is it, and what to do for melting it into silver metal? AgCl immediately disintegrates into Ag and Cl upon exposure to light, and this is why it is used in making photographic papers.

  • Since it is particles, not ions, that produce the particle surface area, consumers need to be educated to look for silver content in the form of particles, not ions.

  • However, if swallowed, silver chloride can lead to many health hazards like argyria, which is the discoloration of our body tissues present inside.

Precipitation of Silver Chloride

A typical ionic silver product that is 10 ppm parts per million of total silver has 90% of the silver in ionic form and only 10% in particle form.

  • Properties of Silver Chloride Silver Chloride has many important characteristics.

  • The reaction is exothermic as the silver chloride is converted to silver oxide.