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Assim, ela admite diversas modalidades e linguagens artísticas, bem como a mistura entre elas.

  • What emerges from the work is the concept.

  • Although the head of lettuce is an almost humorous choice of a common salad vegetable, it suggests the mastery of nature over human construction exemplified by the ability of tree roots to undermine foundations or masonry over time, for example.

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Meanwhile, Leo begins work on the church ceiling.

  • Tipo de artes A arte apresenta-se através de diversas formas como, a plástica, música, escultura, cinema, teatro, dança, arquitetura etc.

  • It included the work of around a dozen Italian artists whose most distinctly recognizable trait was their use of commonplace materials that evoked a pre-industrial age, such as earth, rocks, clothing, paper and rope: literally 'poor' or cheap materials that they repurposed for their practice.