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In english bidai Sapna Babul

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Heavy jewelry in gold or diamond are the most commonly worn jewels.

  • A tribute to the Bidai Tribe, in Huntsville, Texas Their oral history says that the Bidai were the original people in their region.

  • However, they were pacified by Producer Rajan Shahi, Sara Khan and Parul Chauhan playing Sadhna and Ragini and the shootings resumed.


Complete Look The freshly added Mangalsutra, wedding , and sindoor are part and parcel of the bride.

  • Along with her husband, she moves outside her maternal home mostly surrounded by her father and brothers, as she throws three handful of rice or wheat and few coins over her head and into the house.

  • Make sure not to knit the i-cord edge stitches too tight and bind off with a bigger needle size if necessary.