Joe manchin - Sen. Joe Manchin shuts down Biden 'Build Back Better' comeback

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Manchin joe 'Last chance':

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Manchin joe Joe Manchin

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Biden White House says it'll 'continue to engage' with Manchin after he says there's no Build Back Better revival

Manchin joe Joe Manchin

Joe Manchin Likely Won't Feel Sting in Polls After Bucking Biden Agenda

Manchin joe 'Dude, really?':

WATCH: Activists criticizing Sen. Joe Manchin arrested after protesting outside power plant

Manchin joe 'Last chance':

Joe Manchin, Lisa Murkowski work to craft energy deal that combines climate change, more drilling

Manchin joe 'Dude, really?':

Energy & Environment โ€” Manchin eyes bipartisan climate action

How Joe Manchin Aided Coal, and Earned Millions

In June 2017, Manchin was one of five Democrats who, by voting against a Senate resolution disapproving of arms sales to , ensured its failure.

  • In the general election, he defeated Republican businessman with 53% of the vote.

  • The , the largest in America, gave Manchin a score of 48% in the.