Leopard shark - Spots and stripes: A closer look at leopard sharks

Shark leopard LEOPARD SHARK

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Shark leopard Leopard Sharks

Shark leopard ADW: Galeocerdo

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Shark leopard Leopard Shark:

Leopard Shark

Shark leopard Leopard Shark

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Shark leopard Leopard Shark

Shark leopard Leopard Shark

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Shark leopard Leopard Shark

Facts About The Leopard Shark

Julian Rocks is a fantastic site to dive or snorkel with a wide variety of both tropical and temperate marine life to encounter.

  • This is because they, like all sharks, lack a swim bladder, a sac-like organ that fish use to fine-tune their buoyancy.

  • To date, there are no documented cases of a Goblin Shark ever attacking a human.

The 10 Least Dangerous Sharks

Unfortunately however, in 1955 one did attack a diver in Trinidad Bay, California.

  • Bamboo Sharks are so docile, they have been noted to let divers stroke and pet them.

  • Elasmobranch Gonad Structure: A Description and Survey.

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