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","seo":"Federal investigators are looking into a potential 'bribery-for-pardon' scheme involving presidential pardons, according to federal court documents unsealed by the chief judge for the federal court in Washington. Should you get an affordable and programmable thermostat or invest in a learning smart thermostat? 5s ease-in-out;-o-transition:height. 2,1 ;-webkit-transition:transform 150ms cubic-bezier 0. Birx about post-Thanksgiving coronavirus surges. 5 Hospital to Leishenshan Hospital, the newly-built hospital for the COVID-19 coronavirus patients, in Wuhan. Ian Lipkin of Columbia University's School of Public Health joins to discuss. Fauci warns of post-Thanksgiving covid surges as Trump 'doesn't weigh in'","tease":"Dr. 2,1 ,color 150ms cubic-bezier 0. Track which states are getting hit the hardest and which direction the country's death rate is going. More than 7,700 people have died in the county overall in the pandemic. But not for any of the reasons that matter. exltjl input:-webkit-autofill,. Google News gives you everything online about a story and organizes it for you — highlighting different perspectives, a timeline of key events, FAQs, important people, and more. The record was set previously by her older sister, Emma, born in 2017 from a 24-year-old embryo from the same donor. Languages English, Afrikaans, Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese Hong Kong , Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Zulu. 000Z","publishedAt":"2020-12-03T04:40:00. 20, 2020, from a hallway of an aged building in Matamoros, Mexico. ","seo":"Infectious disease expert Dr. CNN - Breaking News, Latest News and Videos charset "UTF-8";. Today's bizarre afternoon game proves it. But living as our authentic selves is welcome, valid and beautiful. Google - latest news, breaking stories and comment - The Independent. Why does this app not have a dark or night mode? ","flag":null,"dek":"Turnout increased in every state and all but 56 counties. Katie Porter on why she grilled Mnuchin on end of emergency lending programs","flag":null,"dek":"Rep. ","caption":"Firefighters at the scene of a fire in Englewood, N. Peter Hotez joins Morning Joe to discuss the coming distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, the development of those vaccines and why he says there will likely be a 'fleet' of new vaccines by early 2021. Louis Police Department","caption":"Attorney General William Barr meets with members of the St. ' MSNBC's Brian Williams has details","seo":"Trump's election loss has led the head of Arizona's Republican Party to tell the state's Republican governor - who is defending the state's results - to 'shut the hell up. Original review from years ago: This replaced Google Currents, and has been a disappointing experience. ","seo":"Attorney General William Barr said Tuesday that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, defying the president's ongoing efforts to reverse the results. And if it isn't essential, don't do it. Irwin Redlener reacts to the surging nationwide Covid-19 crisis and the coming winter. 000Z","publishedAt":"2020-12-03T07:01:00. ': HHS botches takeover of Covid-19 data","seo":"'It's just a total mess. The COVID Tracking Project reported that 100,000 people were hospitalized across the country on Wednesday. ","That figure comes just a month after the U. on "replaceState-end",i ,w[v] "hashchange",i,! VOTE GEN-Z Vote Drive-Up Voter Registration Event on Sept. District Court Judge Esther Salas' son at the family's home. ","seo":"Why would Trump's kids need 'pre-emptive' pardons, as The New York Times reports the president has discussed? Fauci warns of post-Thanksgiving covid surges as Trump 'doesn't weigh in'","seo":"Dr. Congress needs to go full post-Watergate and close off as many as possible. ","seo":"Rachel Maddow shares video of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey muting a call from the White House as he continues the process of certifying his state's election results in which Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump. They also removed the nifty drag gesture for minimizing the current selected article. ","seo":"Rachel Maddow reports on the White House Coronavirus Task Force being so alarmed by the pace and deadliness of the spread of Covid-19 that they're encouraging local health officials to go around leaders who aren't taking the virus seriously in order to encourage extreme precautions. If this happens again, I have no choice but to delete the app. 4, 2019 in Los Angeles, Calif. ","flag":null,"dek":"Too many people have attempted to declare our lives and bodies up for debate. FBI lawyer: Why would Trump's kids need 'pre-emptive pardons'? Supreme Court to rule in June that discrimination against transgender workers is a form of unlawful sex bias. ","flag":null,"dek":"Why would Trump's kids need 'pre-emptive' pardons, as The New York Times reports the president has discussed? js-cnn-follow-anonymous:after,. 000Z","modifiedAt":"2020-12-03T07:37:26. Trump","caption":"Jared Kushner arrives with President Donald J. ","seo":"America's Covid-19 crisis continues to get worse every single day. ","seo":"Rachel Maddow shares video of Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling's furious condemnation of the failure of Donald Trump and Republican political leaders to reject and discourage the violent threats and intimidation they are encouraging with election fraud fallacies. Here's what to know and how to shop for the best Wi-Fi 6 router for you. ","flag":null,"dek":"Those numbers come just a month after the U. 000Z","publishedAt":"2020-12-03T06:03:43. Some of the content served up is a head scratcher - articles on the opposite end of the political spectrum or things that have some relation to my location, but not really to my actual interests. single-day record topped 100,000 cases for the first time. ","seo":"New Jersey has passed a new law protecting the personal information of public officials. Trump to speak with members of the coronavirus task force during. ","More than 2,700 people died Wednesday, according to the data. Vin Gupta: Cancel your travel plans","social":"Dr. If I wanted dumbed-down, bloated apps that make decisions for me I would not be coming to Google for a solution. Multiple image of trump walking along the path. Why are the articles with their pics so large I can only sew a couple or a few on my phone at a time —how hard would it be to add a menu option for a condensed headlines view? With over 250 reporters around the , 9News promises to bring you faster than any other media organisation, drawing upon its global reach and cross platform resources of digital, print, broadcast and radio. , gave his farewell address on the Senate floor. But as Trump's CDC issued a new dire warning to the general public, the president spent his time continuing his baseless attacks on the 2020 election and his loss to Joe Biden. ","flag":null,"dek":"Trump unleashed the kraken of impunity on what was already an agency difficult to rule and rife with dysfunction. ","seo":"NBC's Carol Lee brings us the latest from the Trump administration after warnings from Dr. Vin Gupta: You can't mask or test your way to safe travel","flag":null,"dek":"Dr. single-day record topped 100,000 cases for the first time. Attorney and FBI Official Chuck Rosenberg joins Chris Jansing to break down what federal officials are investigating about an alleged offer for a presidential pardon. watch as President Donald Trump speaks on the fourth and final night of the Republican National Convention on the South Lawn of the White House, on Aug. Shop the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer at Sephora, Dyson, Amazon, Ulta, and more. This is the first time something like this has happened. We all came to love your services for their simplicity and focus. becomes first country to approve Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine","social":"U. js-cnn-follow-not-following:after,. ","The department announced nearly 6,000 more cases and 40 new deaths Wednesday. Do you need a Wi-Fi 6 wireless router? 000Z","publishedAt":"2020-12-03T03:40:00. ","flag":null,"dek":"Our outsized contribution must not be erased by establishment figures on either side of the aisle. ': HHS botches takeover of Covid-19 data","tease":"'It's just a total mess. ","caption":"Police believe the same man is responsible for nearly a dozen random violent assaults in which men were attacked and sometimes struck in the face or head with an object. ","flag":null,"dek":"How bad could it be without a bubble? Judge Salas joins Morning Joe to discuss. com for breaking news, videos, and the latest top stories in world news, business, politics, health and pop culture. Vin Gupta: Cancel your travel plans","tease":"Dr. Why are you dumping its simplicity for this over-engineered under-thought product? ","caption":"Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. A heartbreaking online memorial ensures they live on. 4s ease;-o-transition:opacity. , per day","flag":null,"dek":"More than 250,000 people have died in the U. OMB Director Peter Orszag joins Morning Joe to discuss President-elect Biden's OMB director pick Neera Tanden and the controversy surrounding her nomination. Find which ones across the United States have implemented travel restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19. ","And more people than ever are hospitalized with the coronavirus. 4 million student test scores showed most children fell short in math — and the most vulnerable students likely fell further behind. Your briefing updates throughout the day bringing you the top five stories you need to know, including local, national, and world content. ","tease":"Should the Covid vaccine be mandatory? OMB head on Biden pick","seo":"'She knows policy inside and out': Fmr. Steven LaTulippe, a family medicine doctor at South View Medical Arts in Dallas, Ore. ","seo":"There is a potential bribery scheme happening at the highest level of government. Flournoy held talks with her Chinese counterpart after ties were strained by US plans to station troops in Australia. 009375em;-webkit-text-decoration:inherit;text-decoration:inherit;text-transform:inherit;position:absolute;-webkit-transform-origin:left top;-ms-transform-origin:left top;transform-origin:left top;-webkit-transition:-webkit-transform 150ms cubic-bezier 0. buffer [u,d,"xhr-done","xhr-resolved"] ,P. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, addresses the daily coronavirus task force briefing at the White House on April 4, 2020. Vin Gupta says the next few months will be crucial as virus cases skyrocket and hospitalizations rise across the United States. Vin Gupta: Cancel your travel plans","seo":"Dr. But his foreign policy is more progressive than you think. ","caption":"Tina Turner turned heads in every decade of her career with her elaborate costumes and incredible outfits. 000Z","modifiedAt":"2020-12-03T06:03:43. ","social":"Mitch McConnell actually cried today. apply this,arguments ;return o. More and more you are rolling out offerings which feel more like products of Apple or Facebook. ","flag":null,"dek":"The AIDS Memorial Instagram account pays homage to those who have died of AIDS-related illnesses and ensures that their memories live on. ","flag":null,"dek":"Don't focus too much on Biden's Cabinet picks to prejudge his foreign policy. John Torres breaks down what to expect from a potential approval of the Covid-19 vaccine in the U. We try hard to publish content from viewpoints across the entire political spectrum. removeEventListener "error",n,! Here's three policies to get him started. 2s ease-in-out;transition:all. They may be centrist, but the goals they're aiming for are progressive. 000Z","modifiedAt":"2020-12-03T04:43:52. People are urged to stay at home as much as possible. He said that rather than help, it has withheld data. ","caption":"A medical staff member grabs a hand of a patient to reposition the bed in the COVID-19 intensive care unit ICU at the United Memorial Medical Center UMMC on October 31, 2020 in Houston, Texas. ","caption":"Tina Turner turned heads in every decade with her costumes and outfits. 2,1 ;transition:opacity 150ms cubic-bezier 0. If I needed a Apple news app view, I would use the Apple News app. Can employers or the governments mandate that? USA TODAY: Latest World and US News - USATODAY. For business inquires please reach out to Trump News Today Trump News Today is an aggregation of recent articles, tweets, and video featuring Donald Trump. ","social":"Should the Covid vaccine be mandatory? ","seo":"Laurie Garrett, health policy analyst, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the HHS takeover of the CDC's Covid-19 data was so poorly handled that health officials are now without a crucial tool for understanding trends in the spread of the virus and the needs of hospitals and medical workers. The data will be updated daily. OMB head on Biden pick","tease":"'She knows policy inside and out': Fmr. ","flag":null,"dek":"The 2020 election proved not enough has changed for Black voters in America. Fauci warns of post-Thanksgiving covid surges as Trump 'doesn't weigh in'","social":"Dr. NBC's Gary Grumbach speaks to the organization's co-founder and discusses the costs of attending this college bubble. ","flag":null,"dek":"Is a smart thermostat right for you? OMB head on Biden pick","flag":null,"dek":"Fmr. 5px;padding-top:10px;text-align:center;text-transform:uppercase;width:220px;font-size:16px;font-size:1. This is a news collection page for US news. Elliot Page just reminded us all of of that. This new version puts emphasis on pay walled sites and serves up preconfigured sections like a analog newspaper. ","caption":"President-elect Joe Biden introduces key foreign policy and national security nominees and appointments in Wilmington, Del. ","flag":null,"dek":"John Podesta, White House Chief of Staff to President Clinton, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss President Trump's potential pardon of his three oldest children and his plan to not attend Joe Biden's inauguration. Get comprehensive news coverage from USA including , , , and. becomes first country to approve Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine","flag":null,"dek":"The United Kingdom became the first country Wednesday to formally approve the Pfizer and BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, a huge symbolic milestone in the fight against the pandemic. ","flag":null,"dek":"The Supreme Court ruled on the issue of pre-emptive pardons as far back as 1866. Here's what to know about getting vaccinated","flag":null,"dek":"It's rare but possible for recovered patients to become infected again if their natural antibody levels wane over time. Trump to debunk his false voter fraud claims, drawing swift backlash from MAGA fans, top Republicans and Trump supporters like Roger Stone. Holiday Air Travel Surges","caption":"Travelers wearing protective masks wait in line to go through security at San Francisco International Airport on Nov. 19 ;opacity:0;-webkit-transition:opacity. ","seo":"Rachel Maddow points out that the overblown election fraud lies that Donald Trump and his legal team are spreading about Trump's loss to Joe Biden are more lucrative for Trump than the actual campaign. ","flag":null,"dek":"An analysis of 4. ","seo":"Rachel Maddow reports on how the fanatical devotion of Donald Trump's followers to the manufactured narrative of a stolen election has begun to pit Trump supporters against Republicans who don't demonstrate sufficient devotion to their lost cause, potentially at the expense of the crucially important Georgia special election. ","seo":"Attorney General Bill Barr notably breaks with Pres. ","seo":"MSNBC Public Heath Analyst Dr. Director Jeff Orlowski and the Center for Humane Technology's Tristan Harris join Morning Joe to discuss. FBI General Counsel Andrew Weissmann about that. ","seo":"Mitch McConnell actually cried today. The law comes following the shooting death of U. ","seo":"Rachel Maddow looks at the variety of investigations directed at Donald Trump and his family and associates, from questions about his inauguration funds to new revelations of bribes-for-pardons probe, and wonders if Trump might even be considering ways to get a pardon for himself. exltjl input:-webkit-autofill:hover,. Nothing more than what he plans to do. See the latest guidance in every state","flag":null,"dek":"A growing number of states — including some led by Republican governors — are now mandating face coverings in public. Attorney General William Barr meets with members of the St. Here's why that offends the GOP. 1em;font-size:16px;font-size:1. Just imagine a Covid-19 outbreak on the eve of the Super Bowl. ","seo":"The new film 'The Social Dilemma' looks at the impact social media and technology is having on our everyday lives. ","The order, which modifies an existing one, means the city rules now mirror restrictions put in place by Los Angeles County, the mayor's office said. becomes first country to approve Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine","tease":"U. ","caption":"Livia Johnson, an organizer with Warriors in the Garden, raises her fist as she marches with protesters through New York's Times Square on June 14, 2020. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a speech. 2,1 ;transition:transform 150ms cubic-bezier 0. I have one thing I just noticed today. ","caption":"Kwanza Hall answers a question during the Atlanta Police Foundation's Atlanta Mayoral debate, Oct. becomes first country to approve Pfizer's Covid vaccine, says rollout begins next week","flag":null,"dek":"The vaccine has been authorized far more quickly than any other in history, its lightning development outpacing the traditional timeline of 15-20 years. ","caption":"Alejandro Mayorkas, nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security, speaks at an event held by President-elect Joe Biden on Nov. The flight was a demonstration with officials and members of the media. sets Covid records with 200K new cases, 100K hospitalizations","flag":null,"dek":"Those numbers come just a month after the U. ","flag":null,"dek":"NBC News is following Covid-19 case numbers in states and territories in the United States. ': HHS botches takeover of Covid-19 data","social":"'It's just a total mess. becomes first country to approve Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine","seo":"U. Check this page for latest breaking USA news headlines, analysis, special reports plus videos covering major events and stories from United States of America. 000Z","modifiedAt":"2020-12-03T04:05:41. Why the Dyson blow dryer is the best hot tool of 2020, according to a beauty writer. but might not","flag":null,"dek":"There is a potential bribery scheme happening at the highest level of government. I had to visit one recently and I can assure you, you want to avoid being there with a case of the coronavirus at all costs. 5s ease-in-out;transition:height. ","seo":"The Boeing 737 Max departed from Dallas for its first flight with public passengers since March 2019. political and judicial systems were designed to protect the minority from the majority — but not to entrench minority rule across the country. Those, among other things, bar most gatherings with people from different households. Currents was customizable in terms of content selection and was a minimalist reader for my chosen content. ","tease":"Mitch McConnell actually cried today. ","seo":"In October, Molly Gibson set the record for the longest frozen embryo to come to birth. Here's how it hit some kids more than others. Louis Police Department in St. states and territories are making new rules for travelers. OMB head on Biden pick","social":"'She knows policy inside and out': Fmr. ","seo":"The United Kingdom became the first country Wednesday to formally approve the Pfizer and BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, a huge symbolic milestone in the fight against the pandemic. The doctor is wearing protective gear. The slice with Chris Krebs has a red overlay. Full coverage — Understand the full context on any story with just a tap. This site is not intended to favor left or right viewpoints, but rather a source to absorb the overall sentiment of our President in the news. ","seo":"Notable TikTokers are using their social media presence to give firsthand accounts of their Covid-19 vaccine trials and debunk misinformation about the pandemic.。



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