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Infinite review: Mark Wahlberg relives past action movies in this soulless flick

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Movie infinite Infinite Storm

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Movie infinite 'Infinite' Filming

Infinite (film)

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Movie infinite Infinite

Aston Martin Sacrificed 30 Cars For Mark Wahlberg's New Film

Is Infinite on Netflix, Hulu, Prime? Where to Watch Infinite Online?

Wahlberg in his new film plays a man who begins to see visions of places he's never been or of people he's never met, only to realize these visions are memories of his past lives.

  • The film opens with a voice explaining that there are people who remember their past lives, known as Infinites.

  • He drives off a bridge, jumping from his car in mid-air and onto a crane 150 feet away.

'Infinite' Filming Locations Include Cardiff, London, and Other Cities

Instead, the obfuscation totally weakens this movie.

  • Infinite 2 Cast: Who Can Be In It? Yet its world-building is so wonky you might do better to switch off your brain and let the flashy stunts wash over you.

  • Infinite, released on 10 Jun 2021, consists of a playlist of 21 credited songs, from various artists including Campfire, Johann Sebastian Bach and Casey Veggies.