The bodyguard - 'The Bodyguard' Is Being Remade and Everyone Is Asking Why

Bodyguard the The Bodyguard

Bodyguard the The Bodyguard

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Bodyguard the The Bodyguard

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Bodyguard the The Bodyguard

the bodyguard (1992)

Bodyguard the 'The Bodyguard'

Bodyguard the Bodyguard

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Everything to Know About the 'Bodyguard' Remake

Montague's preference for MI5 over SO15 puts him at odds with Sampson.

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  • He has a particular gift for symbolism.

Revisiting ‘The Bodyguard’: A Romantic Blockbuster for Adults

The critical consensus reads, " Bodyguard maintains a palpable tension throughout its pulpy proceedings to create an absorbing and addicting psychological thriller.

  • The "Bodyguard" soundtrack sold 17 million copies in the United States and 45 million around the world.

  • The next day, Frank rescues Fletcher from a small motorboat just before it blows up.