B40 free phone maxis - Pendaftaran Program Jaringan Prihatin B40: RM300 Peranti, RM180 Data

Free maxis b40 phone YES PRIHATIN

Maxis Zerolution

Free maxis b40 phone Bantuan Telefon

Get a free smartphone, free mobile data and more with the YES PRIHATIN Plans for B40 citizens!

Free maxis b40 phone Jaringan Prihatin

Free maxis b40 phone Permohonan &

Permohonan & Semakan Bantuan Smartphone Percuma B40 Secara Online

Free maxis b40 phone Bantuan Telefon

Jaringan Prihatin: Celcom’s offering RM360 worth of rebates & a free smartphone

Free maxis b40 phone YES PRIHATIN

Free maxis b40 phone Permohonan &

Free maxis b40 phone Bantuan Telefon

Free maxis b40 phone Pendaftaran Program

Jaringan Prihatin: Yes offers B40 families free phone and mobile data without contracts

Free maxis b40 phone Get a

Jaringan Prihatin: Redeem Rebate Up To RM300

In the event of your line being barred or suspended, the rebate will be forfeited.

  • The exact redemption mechanism, for both prepaid and postpaid, will vary across participating Service Providers.

  • You are free to leave the plan whenever you want.

Bantuan Telefon Pintar Percuma B40

Similarly, usage of data outside of the time period given will also consume your bundled data plan, exceeding which, charges may apply.

  • Can I terminate my Jaringan Prihatin programme from my existing Service Provider and continue the programme with another Service Provider? Apabila saya nak hantar permohonan stuck dkt no mykad ibu bapa dan no mykid pelajar pelik juag sistem ni.

  • On top of all these awesome additional offers, Celcom also claims to be the telco with the and the widest range of free devices on offer.

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