Bono - Bono's net worth makes him the second richest rockstar in the world

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Bono says he's 'embarrassed' by most U2 songs

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U2's Bono joins stylish daughters Jordan and Eve Hewson to celebrate his 61st birthday

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Bono de $18.000: para prevenir estafas, la Anses advirtió que el trámite para el refuerzo de ingresos no requiere gestores

Jon Bon Jovi claims U2’s frontman Bono was 'beaten up by Orangemen' as a child

How many kids does Cher have? This interview picks up where that one left off, although this time the stakes are much higher.

  • Biggest killer in the developing world is not a disease — it is corruption.

  • In 2012, he underwent surgery to remove his breasts and began hormone therapy.