Jogging mco 3.0 - Cycling allowed but not as exercise under MCO 3.0

3.0 jogging mco LATEST UPDATE:

3.0 jogging mco MCO 3.0:

3.0 jogging mco MCO 3.0

3.0 jogging mco Economic Sectors

3.0 jogging mco LATEST UPDATE:

Can you still jog during MCO 3.0? National Security Council offers conflicting answers : malaysia

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3.0 jogging mco MCO 3.0:

FMCO: Only jogging, non

3.0 jogging mco Jogging, cycling

MCO 3.0 Total Lockdown SOP : 3 June 2021 Update!

3.0 jogging mco MCO 3.0:


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MCO 3.0: Updated SOPs & Operating Hours Effective From 25 May 2021 To Take Note

On October 18, 2021, Kelantan, Perak, Pulau Pinang, Sabah, and Kedah became the last states to leave Phase 2.

  • Praying spots for prayer attendees are marked with masking tapes and placed a metre away from each other at the Kampung Pandan Dalam Nurul Hidayah Mosque, Selangor.

  • As a result, large crowds were reported to have gathered at police stations for permits hours before the travel restriction was in effect.

Economic Sectors in MCO 3.0 Areas Can Operate

From 4 October 2021, immediate family members were also allowed to accompany mothers or relatives who were giving birth.

  • Selagi jarak fizikal dilakukan, risiko penyebaran luar adalah rendah.

  • By doing this, you become a more efficient cyclist, ready for those friendly bike races when all is back to normal but for now either get a bike trainer or dream of the day when we'll be allowed to cycle once again.