Dap melaka - DAP leaders mum on Melaka party chief’s resignation

Melaka dap DAP leaders

DAP rejected the Melaka quartet but out

Melaka dap DAP says

Melaka dap DAP rejected

Democratic Action Party

Melaka dap Plans to

Melaka dap Melaka DAP

DAP to field two new faces in Malacca polls, sends state chief to riskier seat

Melaka dap DAP contesting

Melaka DAP may drop some incumbents, more than five new faces for state election

Melaka dap DAP contesting

Melaka DAP may drop some incumbents: Yeo

Melaka dap Melaka polls:

Melaka dap DAP youth

DAP leaders still stunned by Malacca mutiny: The Star Columnist

Melaka dap Democratic Action

Plans to topple Melaka government thwarted as DAP conspirators pull out

They wonder why Kit Siang is able to forgive and accept Dr Mahathir but cannot reconcile with his own party leaders.

  • The Chinese enclave in Malacca had long been a political sanctuary for the party through good and bad times.

  • He said, those political partners did not strongly voice out for the non-Malays in issues surrounding the Timah Whisky and the closure of lottery outlets in Kedah.

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