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Loewenstein alfred Alfred Loewenstein:

Loewenstein alfred Alfred Loewenstein:

The Man Who Fell from the Sky: The True Story of the Gaudy Life and Bizarre Demise of 20's Tycoon Alfred Loewenstein by William Norris

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Loewenstein alfred The Mysterious

The Millionaire Who Vanished From An Airplane Bathroom Mid

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The Mysterious Disappearance Of Alfred Loewenstein

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Loewenstein alfred The Man

Loewenstein alfred The Millionaire

The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Worlds Third Most Richest Man

Loewenstein alfred The Strange

‎Punt PI: The Mysterious Death of Flying Millionaire Alfred Loewenstein on Apple Podcasts

Steve Punt returns as Radio 4's very own gumshoe, examining the mysterious case of millionaire financier Alfred Loewenstein who fell out of his own aeroplane in 1928.

  • Indeed, they had almost certainly planned it carefully in advance.

  • His fortune increased enormously when he started providing power facilities to developing countries around the world.

The Very Strange Death of Alfred Loewenstein


  • It was taken to Calais by fishing boat where his identity was confirmed by means of his wristwatch.

  • William Norris undertook extensive research and, despite coming to the story fifty years after the event, found sources still alive who helped him investigate the Lowenstein mystery.