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The Real Truth Behind Coats of Arms and Family Crests

What is the Difference Between a Coat of Arms and a Family Crest? It is the three-dimensional object at the top of the arms… the top of something is often referred to as a crest, such as the crest of a wave on the ocean, or the crest of a mountain or building.

  • The design was unique to an individual.

  • For more information on A.

Human Family Tree

Instead of concentrating efforts on privately constructing their own individual trees, FamilySearch tree builders to build a single, shared tree that helps you and others discover more about ancestors and other family members.

  • Recent Examples on the Web Anderson weaves together their stories, listening as her subjects share both shocking modern-day anecdotes and tales of their ancestral heritage.

  • A brief history of Alcoholics Anonymous from 1939-55, including its growth in membership as well as its spread across the U.