Runa toyoda - over 18?

[Shonen Magazine] 2020 No.44 Runa Toyoda 豊田ルナ

[Photobook] Runa Toyoda 豊田ルナ 1st Photobook

Ultraman Trigger Female Lead Portrayed by Runa Toyoda Announced

[Photobook] Runa Toyoda 豊田ルナ 1st Photobook over 18?

👍 | Runa Toyoda, a boy's junior high school student calls me ... glad I wasn't in

She is currently a nurse.

  • She graduated from the group along with 7 other members on March 28, 2021, coinciding with her graduation from high school that month.

  • While she is a regular high school student by day, she will be considered a heroine outside school walls.

👩‍🎤 | Mio Kudo and Runa Toyoda Gorgeous gravure competition

The squadron hero and the heroine of the Ultraman series will compete.

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  • But beneath it all lies a regular high school student.