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For people with alexithymia, emotions are a mystery

Meaning alexithymia Alexithymia definition

Definition of Alexithymia

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What is Alexithymia? When Emotions Just Aren't Your Thing

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The Emotional Blindness of Alexithymia

Meaning alexithymia alexithymia Meaning,

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Meaning alexithymia Alexithymia Definition

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Meaning alexithymia alexithymia Meaning,

Signs Of Alexithymia

Meaning alexithymia What is

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In that case, the best option is your own well-being.

  • When we experience losses and defeats, we have a sinking feeling at the bottom of our stomachs.

  • It is estimated that one in seven people in the world suffers alexithymia to some extent.

Loving Someone with Alexithymia

You need to go see a counselling psychologist who is qualified to diagnose personality differences and gets to know your son and runs proper testing.

  • It is not a mental health disorder.

  • It is not something big enough to completely dictate your way of being in all areas of life or leave you incapable of managing your daily life mental health disorder.