Elephant foot yam - Facts

Yam elephant foot Elephant Foot

Yam elephant foot Elephant Yam


Yam elephant foot 12 Health

Yam elephant foot Kanda/Elephant Foot

Yam elephant foot Facts

The top benefits, nutritional values, Uses and storage of Elephant foot yam

Yam elephant foot Elephant Yam

12 Health benefits of Elephant Foot Yam or Suran vegetable

Yam elephant foot Facts

Elephant foot yam

Yam elephant foot Amorphophallus paeoniifolius

8 Benefits of Eating Elephant Foot Yam

Yam elephant foot Elephant Foot

Chives / Allium SchoenoprasumHerbs and SpicesMedicinal HerbsAmorphophallus campanulatus / Elephant foot yam / O`L / ওল।

Yam elephant foot Chives /

Amorphophallus, Elephant Foot Yam, Peony Leaf Voodoo Lily, Voodoo Lily Amorphophallus paeoniifolius 'Gajendra'


The subterranean growing corm averages 19.

  • Rouging of infected plants will help in minimising the secondary spread.

  • Reduce the amount radically during the dormancy period.

Elephant foot yam

Phyto-chemicals: Identification of phytochemicals in elephant foot yam reveals the presence of alkaloids, tannins, carbohydrate, flavonoids, phenolics, saponins and steroids.

  • To avoid any misinterpretation of the attributes, a thorough reading of the questionnaires and the gist of each attribute was recommended for the panelists.

  • The objective of the study is to explore the applications of natural resources and develop an alternative to commercially available starches.

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