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Malaysian Farmers Successfully Grew the World's Most Expensive Melon in Putrajaya

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We went to Mono Farm to try the world's most expensive melon in Malaysia

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Melon mono premium Malaysian farmers

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Mono Premium Melon: IoT Smart

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Malaysian company aims high with cultivation of Japanese muskmelons

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But seeing as we were trying them with rose-tinted glasses, we also brought the melons back to the office for some of the other team members to try and give feedback—and the video for that will be posted soon, so stay tuned! Introduction in general, there are three types of melons in malaysia, namely watermelon, rockmelon, and honeydew.

  • Rock, kuaci, dipaku, batuan, aprikot, rockwool, camp rock, melon batu,.

  • Once the first harvest is over, the company plans to increase the number of melon varieties they farm in the near future.

Melon (Cucumis melo): Health Benefits, Healing Powers and Uses

Being sustainable and scalable To be in this industry long-term, the Mono team believes that sustainable farming starts from the farmers first making a profit.

  • They wanted to grow something generally considered a cheap crop, the generic watermelon, but with a twist — the trio would challenge themselves by growing the melons in a square shape.

  • With the IoT setup, the team can remotely monitor the status of every growing melon on their smartphones.