Choi si hun - Meet the South Korean singles trapped in Netflix's reality dating show ‘Singles Inferno’

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Hun choi si 'SINGLE'S INFERNO'

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Hun choi si Choi Si

Hun choi si Choi Si

Netflix's New Korean Dating Show, 'Single's Inferno,' Details Revealed

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Hun choi si Choi Si

Kontestan Choi Si Hun Terkena Skandal, Produser Single's Inferno Tak Ambil Pusing

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Hun choi si Choi Si

Stars Choi Si Hun And Kim Jun Sik Celebrate Lunar New Year Together

Kim Su

Ji A was 24 years old when she was participating in Single's Inferno.

  • Ji Yeon's ideal type is someone with a good personality and that can influence her in positive ways.

  • This marked his first project after releasing from his on 18 August 2017.


Menurutnya, pihak Netflix selaku pemegang lisensi penayangan memiliki proses verifikasi sistematis yang kuat dan membutuhkan waktu lama.

  • Choi Si Hun left and Kim Jun Sik right.

  • He co-starred in Hong Kong historical-action film with , crime thriller and sports drama alongside and.