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Nara beautiful Beautiful Nara

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Nara beautiful Beautiful Nara

Nara beautiful Beautiful NARA

Nara beautiful Beautiful NARA

The 15 BEST Places to Visit in Japan (2022 Guide)

Today, the main reason to visit Magome is to hike the Magome-Tsumago Trail, a 5-mi 8-km section of the Nakasendo Trail; this trail winds through forests and farmland and passes waterfalls, before ending in the town of Tsumago.

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  • Kashihara Jingu Shrine was built in 1889 during the Meiji Period as the samurai class lost its power and the rule of the Imperial Family was being reinforced.

The Best Places to Visit in Nara

We really enjoyed these places.

  • In terms of unique sights and tourist attractions, the Itsukushima Shrine really stands out, literally, by rising out of the water.

  • And all these without us having to ask.