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Zombie Iraq War: Why Haven't We Repealed the Authorization to Fight There?

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WATCH — Could zombies be real? Here’s what you should know

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18 Years After the Invasion of Iraq, It's Time to Repeal the President's AUMF War Powers

'The Walking Dead' Season 6, Episode 1: What to Do with a Pit Full of Zombies

Finally, the continued existence of the 2002 authorization encourages the executive branch to act unilaterally—that is, without congressional approval—on military action.

  • Moreover, the Obama administration declared an official end to the Iraq War in.

  • One wonders what percentage of the crowd know they support the downfall of Western democracy, and what percentage are naive peaceniks obliviously trooping along, unaware of who's leading their parade? On 18 December 1994, the song reached No.

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