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Fruit dragon What Is

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Fruit dragon Dragon Fruit

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Fruit dragon Dragon Fruit

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Dragon Fruit

7 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit (Plus How to Eat It)

In one study, mice on a high-fat diet who received an extract of the fruit gained less weight and had reductions in liver fat, insulin resistance, and , which were attributed in part to beneficial changes in gut bacteria.

  • It goes by many names, including pitaya, pitahaya, and strawberry pear.

  • Once they sprout, you can carefully transplant the seedlings to a slightly larger pot.

dragon fruit

Prune off branches of the cactus that may be touching, growing over one another or touching the ground.

  • Ripe dragon fruit has a slightly sweet and syrupy taste, while an unripe one tastes bland with some sourness.

  • The green scales will remain green, but the color of the rest of the fruit will become a deeper and deeper pink or yellow as the fruit ripens.

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