Bearing my cross - What Does The Bible Mean When It Says Jesus “Bore” Our Sins?

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Suffering Despised, the Cross Accessorized

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3 Ways to Take Up Your Cross

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What did Jesus mean when He said, “Take up your cross and follow Me”?

Bearing My Cross

At the same time, all of us suffer in other capacities while on this earth, and in that, we can still glorify God in thanksgiving,praise, fixing our eyes on Christ and resting in His peace.

  • As humans we tend to want things when we want them.

  • He knows you by virtue of His omniscience.

3 Ways to Take Up Your Cross

Let me appear insignificant and trifling in the eyes of the world, as I get up with You, ready to take on new sufferings until death represents the crown of my sacrifice.

  • Without pause, the force of the executioner pushes the victim on.

  • O God, I will not only follow the Way of the Cross.