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It was later split into two timeslots 9am-12pm and 3pm-5pm on 27 January 2021, resulting the educational programming to be aired daily.

  • If you find that some of the content violates your rights you may request for that content to be brought down.

  • Overall Chinese viewership was believed to be surprisingly lower.

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As a result, it operates from Sri Pentas, Petaling Jaya from that year onward along with three other private television stations in Malaysia: , and.

  • Chinese content reduction attempt Upon the March 2018 rebranding, Chinese content on this channel was reduced to selected Chinese dramas from Hong Kong and China along with Mandarin news bulletins, with much of the remainder transferred to sister channel which also attempted to reposition as Media Prima's sole all-Chinese channel on the same day.

  • Korean variety show remains on this channel along with homeshopping block Wow Shop.

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