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Long Range Box Office Forecast: Dune's Early Tracking, No Time to Die and Halloween Kills Updates

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Dune (2021 film)

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Dune (1984 film)

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Dune Box Office & HBO Max Performance: How Did Dune Really Perform?

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Dune (2021) box office... what do you think? : dune

When Paul's dreams suddenly stop, he drinks the Water of Life and has a profound in the desert.

  • While Dune already had one failed movie from David Lynch, projections for Villeneuve's movie remained optimistic.

  • Over the next two years, Spice production is nearly halted.

β€˜Dune’ Soars to $223M Worldwide at the Box Office

The idea to change Kynes's gender was suggested by Jon Spaihts, which Villeneuve promptly accepted.

  • Yueh disables Arrakeen's shields and allows Harkonnen and Sardaukar troops to invade Arrakeen.

  • Yes, it made a lot of money, and that is sadly the measure of a films worth nowadays.

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