Redmi note 9s antutu。 Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S Best Price in Sri Lanka 2020

14 899 Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s -99. It is one of the brightest screens I have tested in this price range. I prefer the photo of the Redmi Note 9s but everyone will make their own opinion according to their taste. The scores are not static, they change over time because the performance of new products changes and this must be taken into account. The Redmi Note 9s is able to produce very good pictures and in this price range, it's probably the best. moto g8 power 160938(Snapdragon 665) <スポンサーリンク> Redmi Note 9SのGeekBench5ベンチマークスコア GeekBenchではCPUのシングルコア・マルチコアのスコアを計測してくれます。

Redmi Note 9Sで写真撮影 実際に写真を撮ってみた 雨降ってた… 【メインレンズ・オートで撮影】 よし、近所の公園と海で写真撮ろう!って家を出たら土砂降り…。


Please keep on checking our site to keep updated of lowest price of Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S. On the back of the phone is a 48 MP main camera, as well as a quad camera with 8MP, 5MP and 2MP sensors. 7 1000 Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite -99 1000 Honor 9x -99. 47 712 The Redmi Note 9s is not the best in class for the network, it was already the case for the Redmi Notes 7 and 8, so there is no evolution here. I am therefore obliged to publish the tests step by step, so I invite you to come back if the test is not complete at the time of your visit. The picture will probably give you the impression that the back is made of metal, but it is not, it sinks slightly when pressed. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S is available in Present Solution, Smart Mobile , iDealz Lanka, daraz. そしてmoto g8 powerは逆に薄すぎてスゴイ。


笑 その理由の一つがAnTuTuベンチマークスコアの高さ。 These measurements are therefore taken under real conditions and not in a laboratory, they are not scientific but give a good indication of performance. 48,000 Redmi Note 9S - 6GB RAM - 128GB ROM - Blue. 6も合わせて掲載しています。 USBはType-Cが採用されています。


74 mm 100 ISO Exposure: underexposed Sharpness: good Colours: too dark Depth of field: good Distortion: none Chromatic aberration: none Vignetting: none Digital noise: none Like most phones, the Redmi Note 9s produces photos that are too dark when the brightness is less favorable. The quality of the video in daylight is really good, the colors are vivid, the sharpness is good and you can hardly see the changes in exposures where on other phones I see jumps in exposures. 0, A2DP, LE GPS: A-GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BDS, NavIC Teszt. It took 663 minutes to completely empty the battery, I got a much better score with the Motorola G8 Power which has the same battery capacity but lasted 1061 minutes. 6」のスコアを掲載しています。 For once, Xiaomi did not play the card of excess with the camera because the sensor offers 48 million pixels where Xiaomi has already ventured to 108 million on other devices. If I have to summarize what I see here I would say that Xiaomi has managed to raise the bar once again. The color processing is more neutral than the main sensor, the sharpness is good whereas it is often a problem on this kind of sensor. 00 Overall score 98 89 Global ranking 1. I tested it on the Redmi Note 9s but it's quite unstable, it crashes regularly but I still managed to take some pictures. LINEやフェイスブックなどの重要アプリを2アカウント簡単に切り替えて使うことが出来るので、人によってはかなり便利です。


別カラーに「インターステラーグレー」と「グレイシャーホワイト」があり、3色展開となっております。 What I still miss at Xiaomi is an internal search engine that doesn't go looking for results on the internet. In the memory test, it scores 52578 points and in the user interface, it has managed to acquire 53410 points. If a car has a large fuel tank, it should be able to drive a longer distance unless its average fuel consumption is higher. こちらはノーマルなSIMピンです。


Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 250Mbps 8. Most laggy I've experienced came from supercell games like these are supposed to run smooth because they normally don't require that much specs and they can run on any phone so I'm confused like pubg I understand the laggy but in any supercell games it should not lagBtw if you thought I was talking about wifi it's not because I have tested both with data and wifi that has 5g connection so I guess it's not wifi and it's on the performance sideCurrently using global snapdragon 6gb 128storage version. - I keep the devices for at least a few weeks sometimes more to see what they are worth in real conditions. The Redmi Note 9 Pro is coming soon, it's an almost perfect copy of the Redmi Note 9s, the two elements that will distinguish them are the camera and the fast charge. 0 Performanceのスコアは 7899です。 6 の総合スコアは 「254870」です。


As I was writing, the sensor comes out quite strongly from the back of the camera, it was already the case with the Redmi Note 7 but this time I find it less disturbing because it doesn't unbalance the phone when I put it somewhere. スマ情でレビュー記事を出しているスマホもほとんどが5万円以下のミドルレンジモデルです。 Network signal sensitivity rating Phone tested: Average signal dBm Number of measurements: Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro -88 1600 Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 -91. 99 EUR 93 other prices available in other stores. In the video below, I find that the result is better than what I'm used to seeing in this price range. 端末の底面には「USBポート」「スピーカー」「イヤホンジャック」「マイク」などが配置されています。