Renée hartevelt - Issei Sagawa aka Japanese (lost Renee Hartevelt death footage recorded by cannibalistic murderer; 1981)

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Renée Hartevelt

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Hartevelt renée 14 Depraved

'Paris Cannibal' Sagawa reminisces over his grisly crime

Hartevelt renée 14 Depraved

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Hartevelt renée Issei Sagawa

14 Depraved And Disturbing Cases Of Human Cannibalism (NSFL, You Have Been Warned)

Issei Sagawa cannibal case

He went on to become a celebrity and even a food critic in his home country of Japan.

  • Yet in turn, he repaid her with slaughter.

  • He's quite timid and well-spoken, but that just added to his creepiness.