Rayan morocco - Death of Rayan Aourram

Morocco rayan Death of

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Morocco rayan Rayan Morocco

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Moroccan boy trapped in well dies before rescue

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Morocco rayan Rayan Awram

Save Rayan: Videos shared of five

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Tragic end to rescue efforts as Moroccan boy Rayan evacuated from the well declared dead

Morocco rayan Tragic end

Morocco rayan The aftermath

Morocco rayan Death of

Morocco In Shock After Tragic Death Of 'Little Rayan'

The operation to rescue five-year-old Rayan Oram after he fell into a deep well shaft united Moroccans for several days in their hopes and prayers that he would be.

  • Rayan Awram passes away in trapped well The incident took place last Tuesday when the boy fell into a 32-metre 100-feet deep well in the hills near Chefchaouen, in northern Morocco.

  • Morocco in shock after tragic death of 'Little Rayan' Tributes poured in in the wake of the news that the rescue efforts had failed to recover Rayan alive.

Morocco well rescue: Five


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