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Jojo weather report Weather Report

Stone Ocean

Stand Pengendali Cuaca, Weather Report, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean

Retrieved March 26, 2022.

  • Retrieved May 25, 2009.

  • The transformation varies between giant snails or small snails, if people or animals touch those snails, they turn into one as well.

JoJo: 5 Characters Who Could Beat Weather Report (& 5 Who Couldn't)

Additionally, the bubbles can also have more offensive uses, such as the ability to detonate into explosions that can cause damage in certain ranges, and he can also use the force for non-explosive purposes to push objects or people away by having the bubbles pop close to them.

  • The ability to take away things like that is extremely effective in fights, which Josuke uses creatively.

  • Jadi Weather Report ini adalah kembaran dari villain utama sekaligus pengikut DIO di JJBA part 6 Stone Ocean yang tak lain dan tak bukan adalah Enrico Pucci.