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Malaysia de paula Malaysia

Malaysia de paula Malaysia

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Malaysia de paula De Paula

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De Paula says yes to Malaysia!

For your information the jetty and piece of land in north is belong to my step father.

  • The whole island is divided into three regions: South , Middle trung dao , and the North.

  • After all, you did escape Vietnam, so this return trip should be a piece of cake in comparison! Our boat 965H ran into a storm and shipwrecked on some other island.

De Paula: Saya tak kisah peminat kritik prestasi saya

Pasukan negara perlu menempatkan diri dalam kedudukan dua teratas untuk melayakkan diri ke peringkat seterusnya.

  • We headed south, not knowing where we were going to land, who would intercept us pirates? About 5 people crew member were return back home to Vietnam by choice as they were forced to leave.

  • We only have 1 family photo during our time at both camps.