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Syria Syria crisis

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Five Syrian soldiers among nine people killed in Israeli air strike, monitor says

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Israel in deadliest Syria strikes this year

The Muslim geographer visited the region in 1150 and assigned the northern regions of Bilad al-Sham as the following: In the Levantine sea are two islands: and Cyprus; and in Levantine lands: Antarsus, , , , , , , Kirkesia, Ḥamrtash, , al-Batira, al-Mira, , Astroboli; and in the interior lands: , , , al-Castel, , , , Rafeqa, al-Jisr, , , Saruj, , , , , , Ḥusn Mansur, Zabatra, Jersoon, al-Leen, al-Bedandour, Cirra and Touleb.

  • This was the first in a series of bombings and suicide attacks in the Syrian capital that continued throughout 2012.

  • Where is Syrian Arab Republic? The marketplace is the focal point of every Syrian city.

Syrian Arab Republic Maps & Facts

The Ismailis are an even smaller sect, that originated in Asia.

  • Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

  • In June 2012 a number of high-ranking military and political personnel, such as and , fled the country.