Sri nanggala 402 - Prabowo serahkan 53 rumah kepada ahli waris KRI Nanggala 402

Nanggala 402 sri Kapal Selam

KRI Nanggala (402)

Nanggala 402 sri Indonesian Navy

Ucapan Duka Karamnya KRI Nanggala 402 dari Jajaran Menteri Ekonomi

Nanggala 402 sri Ini Penyebab

Nanggala 402 sri Kisah KRI

Nanggala 402 sri Last Words

Kapal Selam RI Nanggala

Nanggala 402 sri Urgent lessons

Nanggala 402 sri Ucapan Duka

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Nanggala 402 sri Update Terkini

Ini Penyebab KRI Nanggala

Nanggala 402 sri Last Words

Urgent lessons from Indonesia’s submarine disaster

Nanggala 402 sri Missing Indonesian

The KRI Nanggala Submarine Incident Is a Wakeup Call to Modernize Indonesia's Navy

The boat was ordered on April 2nd, 1977 and built by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft of Germany with her keel laid down on March 14th, 1976.

  • More importantly, the entire military needs to conduct a thorough audit to assess the readiness of its defence equipment.

  • Therefore, Indonesia must begin to improve its defense posture.