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SST exemptions period extended to June 30, 2021

Issue invoices in the national language or English language.

  • Schedule B: Exemption from tax on the procurement of raw materials, components, and packaging for use in manufacturing operations by manufacturers of designated non-taxable items.

  • A 2019 study in Malaysia found, 30% of the food is thrown as waste in our dustbins which is then collected and disposed in landfills in all states in Malaysia.

SST exemption 2021: Honda prices in Malaysia

The tax rate for petroleum and oil are subject to high quantity-based rates.

  • Under the new sales tax and service tax framework announced on 16 July 2018, sales tax is levied on the production of taxable goods in Malaysia and the importation of taxable goods into Malaysia at a rate of 5% or 10% or a fixed percentage depending on the category of goods.

  • The prescribed particulars include but are not limited to description of the taxable or digital services provided, total amount payable excluding tax and amount of service tax.