Karunanidhi - Karunanidhi's dark glasses: Story behind late DMK chief’s signature style

Karunanidhi Karunanidhi family

Karunanidhi DMK observes

Karunanidhi Death: Kalaignar passes away at 94; Here's what happened on Tuesday

Karunanidhi Karunanidhi 98th

M. Karunanidhi Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Caste, Death, Biography & More

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Karunanidhi Karunanidhi, the

Karunanidhi Karunanidhi 98th

Karunanidhi Karunanidhi birthday:

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Former DMK chief M Karunanidhi's Family Tree: Father of MK Stalin, MK Muthu, MK Alagiri, MK Tamilarasu, K Selvi, Kanimozhi, & More..

Karunanidhi Karunanidhi: Here's

MGR & Karunanidhi: How a shared passion parted two men

Karunanidhi Karunanidhi Death:

Karunanidhi Meaning, Karunanidhi name meaning

DMK observes Karunanidhi's second death anniversary

His controversial remarks created a furore in the country.

  • The Valmiki Ramayan and the Tulsidas Ramayan too.

  • There was a child who prayed to God every day.

Stalin says Karunanidhi's birthday will be celebrated as govt function in TN

He has served as chief minister five times 1969—71, 1971—76, 1989—91, 1996—2001 and 2006—2011.

  • His dialogues made him so popular that women would just swoon over him.

  • Apart from navigating the pressures of his political life — appeasing partymen and the occasional altercations with rivals — he has also had to walk a very fine line at home.

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