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  • Aki and Jody live in a Park Avenue tower - literally higher than the clouds.

  • She later assisted Rias in facing the Fallen Angels Dohnaseek, Kalawarner, and Mittelt, which they won after terminating the three.

Akeno Himejima/Relationships

Before, she was the most beloved girl here on reddit, but everyone I see now is for Rias, most of the fanart is based on Rias, and Akeno gets more and more excluded from Mobage Mondays and when she is in it, doesn't get in the top 3, where she was basically every Mobage Monday.

  • Akeno sometimes expresses jealousy whenever Rias' breast are used to assist Issei, which is why in True Volume 1, Akeno was glad that her breast were used for Issei's Pai Phone technique.

  • Or better still, all of the above! He has high, striking cheekbones on a gaunt face.

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