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意思 ego ego是什么意思中文(Whalien)


意思 ego Ego

意思 ego 某美漫的黑袍超人 第一百四十二章

意思 ego 写字楼租赁协议范本免费下载_鹿先生文库

Urban Dictionary: Big Ego

意思 ego ego中文, ego是什麼意思:自我…

Ego Definition & Meaning

意思 ego Ego


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意思 ego 某美漫的黑袍超人 第一百四十二章


意思 ego ego (自我)和self(自我)的区别_学术中国_论坛_天涯社区

意思 ego Ego Definition


You are depressed and you hate yourself and everyone hates you help but make complimentary comments toward yourself subtly or grandly in conversation.

  • Psychology: the science of behavior Canandian ed.

  • She is very sensitive, so if someone tries to correct her mistakes she feels very upset and cries.

Ego Definition & Meaning

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  • This sentence describes the girl in a less positive way, making it seem more like a flaw or problem that she cries because of her pride or ego.