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The imageries that you'll find here are products of my imagination that were inspired by dreams, fantasies and tales shared by people who had the same interest in displaying their thoughts as well as their dreams.

  • If there is such a thing as natural theology, that is, a knowledge of a God or gods acquired by our natural faculties alone without the aid of a special revelation, it follows that it must be obtained by one or other of the methods by which all our natural knowledge is conveyed to us.

  • Samoan story of the shellfish, two torches, and death.


Stories of this pattern are widespread in Africa, especially among tribes belonging to the great Bantu family, which occupies roughly the southern half of the continent.

  • The conception of God is attained by inward experience, that is, by the observation of certain remarkable thoughts and feelings which are attributed to the inspiration of a deity.

  • The connects the city centre with the motorways.

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