Psu 1.0 - Oracle 12c: Applying PSU with Multitenant DB & unplug/plug

1.0 psu OBS 1.0

1.0 psu eFootball Update

Virtual Asset 1.0: Marcellus Shale

1.0 psu Baseball vs

1.0 psu Baseball Splits

1.0 psu SOCSO extends

eFootball Update 1.0.0 Is Now Live With Crucial Fixes For Konami's PS4, PS5 Footie Title

1.0 psu Database

1.0 psu problem with

1.0 psu OBS 1.0

Penn State menĂ¢â‚¬â„¢s soccer driven by revenge, home

1.0 psu PSA 1.0

Baseball Drops Series Finale To Penn State, 1

1.0 psu OBS 1.0

PSA 1.0

OBS 1.0

Section 6 lists all the latest bundles announced for Apr2022.

  • For information on historical patches, please see My Oracle Support Database 12.

  • Opatch utility is used to apply patch to the database so before applying the patch you must check whether the existing Opatch is supported for the patch or not.