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IST Entertainment Reveals New Boy Group Survival Project Lineup

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Ist Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts (Updated!)

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'The Origin’: New release date, contestants, and all about the GOT7 JayB starrer survival show

Entertainment ist Ist Entertainment

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First Entertainment Credit Union


Apink's discography includes nine Korean mini-albums, three Korean studio albums, and three Japanese studio albums.

  • As previously announced, the upcoming idol group will debut in the first half of the year and Kakao Entertainment and Japan's Sony Music Solutions jointly invested in the launch.

  • Mai 2013, abgerufen am 13.


It was reported that KaKao Entertainment and Japan's Sony Music Solutions had made joint investments in the upcoming boy group, which heightened industry expectations.

  • As a result, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Kakao M.

  • Korea Music Content Industry Association.