Derek morgan - Why Shemar Moore Left Criminal Minds During Season 11

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Derrick Morgan: Forward March & The Best Of Derek Morgan, 2CD Edition

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Morgan derek The Truth

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Morgan derek Derek Morgan

The Most Unforgettable Derek Morgan Scene On Criminal Minds

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Morgan derek Derek Morgan

The Truth About Penelope Garcia And Derek Morgan's Relationship On Criminal Minds

Due to his difficult past, he has no sympathy for criminals who attempt to use their traumatic childhoods as an excuse for their crimes.

  • Derek Morgan is a native of East Harlem Spanish Harlem in New York City.

  • He was the star until a left knee injury ended his career.


After another agent flirts with Morgan in front of Reid, Reid is shocked when Morgan reveals he never follows through on any agents' advances.

  • The first two Mandy Patinkin as Jason Gideon, but the actor abruptly quit as production was gearing up for season 3.

  • If there's one thing Criminal Minds fans know, it's that Morgan takes his pranks as seriously as he takes his job.