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Songs 2021 hit The Best

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Songs 2021 hit The Best

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Songs 2021 hit ‎Today’s Hits

Songs 2021 hit The Best

‎Today’s Hits 2021 (DJ Mix) by DJ Khaled on Apple Music

Softly detailing a moving yet uplifting memory of her late father, this was at her most soul-bearing: beautifully singing in Spanish on record for the first time over glistening synths, a choir of voices and percussive instrumentation, everything builds up to create a heartfelt house triumph.

  • A feel-good summer smash, the award-winning track put its focus on fun, cramming in pop culture references and a squelching bassline it was impossible not to strut to.

  • It perfectly describes what you need to do after a breakup, and reminds you that tequila can cure problems of the heart.

Best Latin Songs of 2021 So Far

The beat, co-produced by BabyWave, Outtatown and Wheezy, glides majestically with its ticking trap drums and staccato strings, giving its co-leads the perfect course for their freestyle routines.

  • The lyrics talk about a relationship that is over and a reminder that life goes on, and Sech proposes: be happy and dance reggaetón.

  • Don't be surprised if this is the next K-Pop, reggaeton, pr Latin trap phenomenon.

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