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Grooming guide: 13 Barbershops in KL to go to for a cut and shave in time for Raya

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Cuttery the oven Cutlery

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Mentega: Malaysian brand for different types of pomade made by a barber

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Each piece features a ribbon pattern, so you can easily distinguish from your original unglazed stones.

  • A person who loves working with his hands, Ayie pays attention to the details.

  • Can't remember the name of the name of the folded thin bread that came out once we sat down but it was really good.

7 Cafes That Are Also Furniture Stores, Art Galleries and More

Far from the large feet shown in the profile picture of the ad.

  • We also feature a Craft Beer shop with over 150 types of brews with a strong focus on our local New England brewers.

  • We used a soy and beewax blend that not only produces a clean burn but also produces negative ions when burned.