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For safety amid the , from 1941 to 1945 the body was temporarily moved to.

  • Although he derided Marxists who adopted ideas from contemporary non-Marxist philosophers and sociologists, his own ideas were influenced not only by Russian Marxist theory but also by wider ideas from the Russian revolutionary movement, including those of the Narodnik agrarian-socialists.

  • A controversial and highly divisive historical figure, Lenin is viewed by his supporters as a champion of and the working class.

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The Gulag system, which would be expanded and multiplied , would end up claiming the lives of millions of people.

  • The final resting ground for a number of rescued busts and statues of the former leaders — including a bust of Lenin — lie on rock shelves 14 metres below water.

  • Lenin's funeral took place the following day, when his body was carried to , accompanied by martial music, where assembled crowds listened to a series of speeches before the corpse was placed into the vault of a specially erected mausoleum.

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