Guaman 意思 - expressing gratitude中文_expressing gratitude是什么意思

意思 guaman Gu开头的英文名字

意思 guaman Doktrin Pengasingan


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意思 guaman Doktrin Pengasingan


意思 guaman Felipe Guaman

意思 guaman Doktrin Pengasingan

意思 guaman About us

意思 guaman 计算机发展史

意思 guaman Gu开头的英文名字

Doktrin Pengasingan Kuasa

意思 guaman Guamaní

expressing gratitude中文_expressing gratitude是什么意思


  • In modern , it would be spelled Waman Puma, and it is sometimes listed as such.

  • In his own writing, he signed with his Quechua name put between his Spanish baptismal name, Felipe or Phelipe, as he spelled it and the family name of a Spanish connected to his family history, Luis Ávalos de Ayala.