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Check Owner Kereta (Cara Semak Pemilik Kenderaan Online)

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Mycarinfo MyCarInfo

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Mycarinfo MyCarInfo

My Car Info

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What is an Application Programming Interface (API)

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CarInfo: RTO Vehicle Information

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  • Typically, developers can access these APIs in self-service mode through a public API developer portal.

  • Developers can build these services from scratch, but they usually create them by exposing functions from legacy systems as service interfaces.

Bagi mendapatkan maklumat seperti nama dan nombor kad pengenalan owner kenderaan, anda perlu mendapatkan cover note daripada syarikat insurans.

  • To be a also known as a RESTful API , the interface must adhere to certain architectural constraints.

  • Berikut adalah senarai cara yang boleh anda gunakan bagi menyemak maklumat pemilikan kereta: 1.