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Cinema (Andrea Bocelli album)

As the decades pass, the heroic, westward-ho movies of yore give way to downbeat anti-westerns like "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.

  • The department prides itself on creating an enveloping environment that prepares students for anything their prospective field of study might throw their way.

  • We never really find out, other than they're, you know, star-like.

"American Cinema" Film Noir (TV Episode 1995)

Happily, the observations offered in the series are seldom academic.

  • They are illustrated with clips from more than 200 films and punctuated by remarks from writers, make-up artists, set designers, cinematographers, producers, critics, actors Jack Lemmon, Harrison Ford, Eva Marie Saint , and directors Martin Scorsese, George Lucas, Robert Altman, Paul Schrader and Steven Spielberg, who helped fund the series.

  • The history of Hollywood and filmmaking comes alive in this spectacular nine hour celebration of movie magic.

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