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The benefit of being Malay first

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Malaysia: Culture

Green Malaysian Dosage Reports from users show that the typical strain of green Malaysian Kratom ranges from 2 — 6 grams, with the most commonly reported dosage being of 2.

  • So will we see a return to Tropical Islam? Umno policies and corrupt practices have pretty much corrupted Malays as well.

  • The sociocultural expectations are always in place for the Malays, regardless of what they choose to be.

Malay chickens: The world’s tallest (and strangest) chicken breed — The Featherbrain

While Anwar Ibrahim has been resilient politically, his skills in government are untested.

  • The state- and federal-level religious control of the Malays is in juxtaposition to personal freedom supposedly guaranteed by the constitution.

  • This was roughly echoed by second wives.