Huion h420 - replacement pen : HUION

H420 huion H420(2048)

H420 huion 3 Ways

H420 huion 3 Ways

H420 huion huion h420

H420 huion Huion H420

H420 huion 3 Ways

Pen pressure not working : HUION

H420 huion Pen pressure

H420 huion Huion

H420 huion huion h420

H420 huion huion h420

my tablet and pen isnt working (H420)(battery_powered pen) : HUION

To give you a seamless and convenient drawing experience, the pen is equipped with an electromagnetic digitizer.

  • Well, now it is considered as outdated version as you can get H430P with a little upgrade, but still, it is a powerful device now.

  • Ever since, I've just been using the newest Huion driver and setting it to screen ratio and just using the in-game sensitivity to adjust the area.

H420 Pressure issue : HUION

I bought it off of Amazon one month ago so I am not sure if it is returnable.

  • I just have a few questions I would like to ask you.

  • If you have done the steps I've previously provided, kindly take a video of it and send it to service huion.