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Rummikub Game Rules

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玩法 rami Rummikub


玩法 rami ramie 面料是什么_百度知道

The Complete Rules for Rummy

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玩法 rami The Complete

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How to Play Rummy Card Game

Note that as you play the game and the draw pile becomes exhausted all cards are taken , shuffle all of the cards in the discard pile except for the one on top to form a new draw pile.

  • Also, a set consists of cards of the same face value but has to be of different suits.

  • Scoring Each player calculates the value of the tiles remaining in their rack.


RummyCircle gives you an option to make a for hassle free, non-intrusive experience of online rummy.

  • Turn the top card from the draw pile face up and set it next to the draw pile; this card begins the discard pile.

  • Runs are formed with 3 or more numbers in sequence of the same color.

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